Leveraging Backlinks in Obsidian and Readwise Export

Resurfacing knowledge with backlinks

What are backlinks?

Obsidian’s visual rendering on connections between notes in one of my vaults

Creating Backlinks

My personal notes related to COVID and the yellow dots are Readwise highlights on this subject.

Customizing Readwise export to Obsidian

Default sync notification for Readwise
Increasing the linking in the sync notification log
# {{date|date('Y-m-d')}} {{time}} — Synced {{num_highlights}} highlight{{num_highlights|pluralize}} from {{num_books}} document{{num_books|pluralize}}.
{% for book in books %}- [[{{date|date('Y-m-d')}}]]: {{ book.num_highlights_added}} highlights from [[{{book.title}}-{{book.author}}]]
{%endfor %}
- [[{{date|date('Y-m-d')}}]]: {{ book.num_highlights_added}} highlights from [[{{book.title}}-{{book.author}}]]
Readwise sync log
Toggling on backlinks in the document

Backlink Power!



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