Customizing Obsidian on your iPad

Modifying CSS for Obsidian on my iPad using Textastic

Setting up your development environment

I will assume Obsidian is installed and working as you like on your iPad.

iOS Files App — Obsidian root folder on my iPad
Textastic — Add External Folder
My vault named Dashboard++ is listed in external folders in Textastic.
.obsidian hidden folder accessible in Textastic

Templates and JavaScript

I have several Templater templates I use that have JavaScript in them. I find editing JavaScript in Obsidian to be clumsy. So using an external editor like Textastic makes it much more manageable.

Syncing changes across devices

Another nice thing about the Obsidian's design is that all configuration information for a vault lives in the vault's file structure. So if you make changes on your iPad to files in the vault, and that vault is configured for synchronization, all your changes made on the iPad will be synced to other devices.

JavaScript debugging on the iPad

One of the things everyone complains about is a lack of a debugging console on the iPad. This isn't the fault of Obsidian, as it is a mobile app and isn't designed for development on the iPad.

Debugging JavaScript on Obsidian Mobile

Happy Coding

This article demonstrated an easy way to turn your iPad into a mobile development platform for Obsidian. While hacking on the iPad can't ever fully match the desktop, it gets the job done and, in some cases, is even preferable since you can modify things no matter where you are while on the go.



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