Creating your own Obsidian iOS Widget

Do you see the special widget?

Feature Overview

  • List of all starred files (my personal favorite)
  • List of recently edited files
  • List of files from a specific folder
  • Display the text of a file from your vault.
All widget types and sizes


Scriptable application from the Apple App Store
Click the + button to create a new script
Tap the title to rename the script
  1. We installed the free app Scriptable from the Apple App Store
  2. We created a new script in Scriptable
  3. We renamed the script to Obsidian Widget
  4. We pasted into this script the code we copied from the Github page

Bookmark your Obsidian vault folder in Scriptable

Creating Your First Widget

  • Start by adding a widget to your screen as you normally would and select the Scriptable widget from the list of widgets.
  • Choose the size of widget you want, in this example we will choose the middle sized widget.
Settings for the Scriptable Widget
Scriptable widget displaying information from the Obsidian vault

More Ways to Configure Widgets



  1. Name of the vault
  2. the term FOLDER — which tells the widget this will list contents of a folder
  3. the folder path


  1. Name of the vault
  2. the term FILE — which tells the widget this will display the contents of a file
  3. the file path

One important caveat


  • Recent files used in your vault
  • Starred files in your vault
  • Files from a specific folder in your vault
  • The text contents of a file




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